Hello, my name is Magela (Ma•hey•la)! I want to travel the world, meet amazing people and discover beautiful things! Join me ❤

Rio Celeste Park, Costa Rica

15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there.
    Wanted to extend a heartfelt thank-you for the follow; as well, to extend a welcome to the U.S. for a bit and hope you enjoy your stay however long, or short, it may be.



  2. Hello Magela, it is a pleasure to meet you, and have you as a follower. I hope you continue to find something that touches your soul. I will return and explore in the very near future. Blessings and peace. 🙂

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  3. Hello Magela (you have such a pretty name!) I wanted to say thank you so much for following me it really does mean a lot. It seems you’re new to blogging also and I want to wish you so much luck with your journey. Take care. xx

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  4. Welcome to you in our sphere WordPress, we visit, we commented. I like your style … Bravo!
    For you have been able to immediately, good navigation marks.
    Good week

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